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Automatic Single Box Fiber Baling Press

  • Automatic Lift Box
  • PLC Controlling
  • Manual Strapping and DOFF
  • Progammable Conveyor Loader
  • Advanced Security System and Safety

Great design for baling cotton, fiber, wool and shoddy.
Perfect way to decrease your transportation and warehousing cost.

Ram Force: 60 - 150 Ton
Bale Dimensions:

55cm x 95cm A-7040 B-4490 C-2010 D-10200

60cm x 90cm A-7230 B-4505 C-1945 D-10245

75cm x 115cm A-7310 B-4500 C-2215 D-10300

200 - 1000KG/saat - KG per hour


Total approximate weight of the bales per hour depending on the model of press.

Product Gallery:

For over 30 years our manufacturing company has designed and delivered baling systems worldwide to over 40 countries.

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